Friday, October 10, 2008

Interview with GMG rapper K.A.L.I.

California based hiphop news website today posted a new interview with GMG's new rap artist KALI. Its a good interview, peep it here and props to WCA:

1) For those who don't know, can you tell us where your from and where you were raised? I was born in the home of the Indy500-Indainapolis, In. but, i was raised in San Diego, Ca.

2) What inspired you to start doing music? I got this hunger for music when i was like 11. I grew up listening to Ice Cube - Today was a Good Day,Dj Quik - Tonite,Snoop Dogg- Ain't nothing but a G Thang, so you get the point. I just decided to run with it and started writing lyrics and Freestylin at lunch during school

3) You have an organization called 'Sky's The Limit', can you tell us about that? Fa sho, it's an Inner City Youth Music & Learning Enrichment program i set up to help our youth stay out the streets. I was fortunate enough to have a few people in my life that cared enough to give me different avenues to get out the streets. So i wanted to give that back. Our youth ain't getting what we deserve; and it's up to us to give it to them. So my program is designed to allow them to pick an instrument of choice and learn how to play it 1st, 2nd educate them on becoming better Public speakers and Boardroom etiquite. Our main focus is on raising there Grades one letter grade per semester. So we have a BIG responsiblity to impart Knowledge on our youth if we want them to Suceed in life.

4) You recently signed to a new label called Global Music Group, can you tell us about them? Yea, it is funny how it happened but, since signing with GMG, they have shown me nothing but Love. They put their Artist in Great situations to make Money from our Music rather than Rape us of our rights. So I Love it.

5) You have a new single about to drop, whats it called, will it be a digital only single, and whens it dropping? Yea, right now we are inbetween 3 tracks for the single, Chauffer featuring my Left Hand man, Lowkey Smith. Credit Card, which was produced by my guy Gino from New Orleans & The K.A.L.I. Anthem. When it's dropped it will be pushed to Radio Worldwide, and we are in the process of shooting the Video in Late Oct. We plan on dropping it Late Nov or early December, So be on the lookout for it. I need ya'lls help in making it a HIT....

6) What about your new album, are you re-releasing 'Introducing Kali' or is 'Pay Attention' coming soon? Actually i did Re-Release Introducing K.A.L.I. but the New album is called Pay Attention. I waiting on my Release date from Universal right now but it should be ready late 4th quarter or early 1st quarter. Watch Out cause I'm coming to take over.

7) What can we expect from the album, ie. The sound and any guest features? Everybody should expect nothing but Hit Records. I kept it all in house for the most part but, you never know. I do have a couple of Suprises on there as far as features go. I can't give away all the Juice...LOL The beats bang and shout out to everybody that helped make this Album; WilderBeatz Productions, Mayja Productions, Drewski, Gino, Katastrophic Productions & all my engineers. Good Lookin Homies..

8) Going back to Global, rumors are 'Return Of The Mack' Mark Morrison is coming back, and is also signed to Global, is that true? Hell yea, he is getting ready to drop his Single as well. So everybody should get geared up for that. It's about to get crazy again in the Industry & I'm happy I'm apart of it.

9) Your Myspace page lists 3 upcoming shows in AL, can you tell the fans about these, incase they want to turn out to support? Fa sho, really on Oct. 28-29th I will be shooting the Video for the Single in Alabama. Late on the 29th I will be at the Whisky Lounge or Bar in Mobile, Al. So if you are in the area and want to see a Hell-of-a Show. Get @ me.

10) You also have a new mixtape called 'LA 2 LA', whats the story behind that? My dude outta Many, La -BEZY and I have been working together for a couple of years now. I think we both met up in 2005 when were missing w/ Lil Flip and the Clover G'z. The C.D. is crazy though, it's a cross of West Coast and Dirty South. From L.A. 2 La. Get ready for some of that oohhhwwwweee. Yea Dat

11) What advise do you have for young up and coming artists trying to make it in this industry? Never stop Hustlin. Just when your ready to throw the towel in, your door opens up and BAM, your in. Keep ya head up and face forward. It is whatever you make it. But it fa sho ain't for the weak hearted. I got a lot of sleepless nights, bills not paid, arguing Baby Mama drama & the biggest yet is SACRAFICE. Yea peoples, Hella Sacrafice.

12) Many thanks for doing this interview. Do you have any last words? Make sure ya'll hit me up on myspace and check out the music. If you like it or don't, let me know. Also i will be running a couple of Contests Asap for my Fans. I want everybody to be apart of that. Your continued support is needed and appreciated. Thank ya'll in advance for helping make K.A.L.I. a household name.

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