Thursday, October 30, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: GMGC Recording Artist Real Talk‏

GMGBLOG would like to introduce you to Real Talk, the hot new artist from GMG CANADA.

Real Talk was born in Hollywood (Southern California), but raised in Northern California (Sacramento to the Bay Area).In his teen's he made DJ mixed tapes for family and friends, as he got better, the music got hotter. So he went from DJ to Rapper. He also has singing ability due to having a church background which it makes his music more listenable with R&B appeal, and makes him a solo artist capable of commanding crowds of whatever depth with his collage of rap styles. Real Talk uses where he grew up in the hard city area known as 5th Street Brick in Seavy Circle also known as the projects. His families had a large main house in another hard are notoriously named "The P" (known as Oak Park). "My family has been in the ghetto for sixty years" Real Talk boasts and you can feel that in my Music. He also has roots in the Meadowview area where he found the MaddPadd, And what he calls the Cat in the Hat, known to all as Madd Hatter, the next producer revolution. MaddHatter is MaddPadd's producer and CEO. Real Talk and the mogul are friends, together they offer chemistry, and chemistry between artist and producers sells lots of records. Real Talk has always been a business man, and he put his business with MaddPadd Productions, LAKIDD Entertainment and the Street Structure Team, and they made him one of what the best has to offer unsigned "Pretty good for a Latin boy huh?".He sells his CD's out of the trunk and makes his living, by giving the crowd what they want by coming original and not bowing to any stereo types. He rarely listens to the radio or other artist's, but some of his favorites include: Busta Rhymes,E-40, Nelly, Ludacris, Mac Dre (one of his personal friends till he passed), Trick Daddy, Petey Pablo, and LiL John. I'm trying to give you a lyrical butt whoopin so just close your eyes And feel what I'm saying thru my envision techniques. I make music for everyone and I write music like I'm writing a videomonolog of sound for the North, South, East , West and the world. REAL TALK GMGC Record will be Realeaseing Real Talk Radio, Single ''Rollin on Dubbs'' If you like to buy some of Real Talk Song go to

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