Sunday, January 25, 2009

How Death Row Records came to Canada

Bad news is GMG wont be releasing the deathrow catalog. Lets just hope this canadian lable know what they are doin!

As gritty as a few blocks might be, as bad as some kids may think they are, the west side of Toronto doesn't immediately register as a natural home for Death Row Records and the legacy of Los Angeles gangsta rap.
Nor does a 48-year-old mother and recording artist, who likens her own music to Sheryl Crow's and Sarah McLachlan's, seem an obvious choice to oversee the back catalogues of Tupac Shakur, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog.
But as Lara Lavi, an American singer-songwriter and media lawyer, said, she was underestimated by some in the industry when she was lured by private investors from the U.S. West Coast to base her music and film start-up in Toronto's Liberty Village area.
Her company, WIDEawake Entertainment Group, surprised media watchers by making the winning bid for Death Row in court last week, buying the bankrupt, debt-ridden label for $18-million (U.S.) after, according to Lavi, Warner Music shied away from topping WIDEawake's offer. Lavi worked closely with the well-known Toronto-based entertainment lawyer Chris Taylor in securing the deal. This comes after the U.S. company Global Music Group tried to buy Death Row for $25-million, but pulled out after problems arose with the financing.

Hussein Fatal Returns With New Single Blocka Blocka

We recieved an email from Fatal's PR this morning, with news that his single is dropping soon, its available now at Radio and promotion has started!!! Yall need to request this single NOW!!!. Heres the news:

Hussein Fatal Returns With New Single Blocka Blocka

Hussein Fatal is back with Blocka Blocka, the hot new single off his upcoming album "Born Legendary". Fans can request the single at radio stations nationwide right now!
Hussein Fatal started off his career in 1994 with the underground rap group - Fatal N Felony which would be his introduction into rap with fellow Outlawz member Yaki Kadafi. After recording various demos, Fatal Hussein was enlisted to star on 2Pac's multi-platinum album "All Eyez On Me", and to become part of 2Pac's group Tha Outlawz. Following 2Pac's Death, Fatal left Tha Outlawz in pursuit of bigger things which landed him a deal on Rap-A-Lot and spawned off the hit single, Everyday, which was a tribute to Yaki Kadafi and 2Pac.
After releasing two albums, Fatal drifted into the background of the hip hop industry for a short time working with acts such as Ja Rule, Black Child, Irv Gotti, etc. In 2006, Fatal rejoined Tha Outlawz and made a guest appearance on 2Pac's latest posthumous album "Pac's Life". In 2008, Fatal signed a deal with the much talked about label, Global Music Group to release his latest album - "Born Legendary" which will feature guests such as Yukmouth, Jim Jones, and more!
Blocka Blocka is a hood anthem made for ghettos across the world. It will be available on iTunes, E-Music, Amazon, and other digital outlets soon!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Update from Jay Roc

Whats good bloggers!? December has been a good month for GMG. Mark Morrison's single was released with no pushbacks. Lets hope this means more good releases are coming, hopefully Lil Mo. As you know, me and K.D.F. are going to do our best to bring you the latest news on the Death Row catalogue. Word right now is, nobody from GMG and GMG-NY are allowed to speak on the deal because of legal issues. However, GMG-NY say that they will be making an announcement early in the new year.

We would also like to thank Roland Turner, CEO of GMG, for taking the time out of his schedule to speak with us on the phone a few weeks ago. We called the office to get some news for ya'll and Roland kindly gave us the scoop and some inside information. K.D.F. briefed ya'll on everything we can mention in his last update.

Lookout for some interviews comin up, possibly with Mark Morrison, Turk Talk, Suga Free, and Cliff Wise of GMGC, Also big ups to all the Deathrow fans/GMG fans who have added me on MSN messenger recently... Bone99, Obscure, Shaf, JonnyBlaze, Outlawfatal and more.


Lil Mo to release new single top of the year

We can confirm that Lil Mo is recording her new album now, at GMG's recording studios in Mobile, Alabama. We dont have any news yet, only that her single should be ready 1st quarter 2009.

GMG Win At Real Talk Urban Awards

Global Music Group won several awards at the The Real Talk Urban Awards on December 7th. GMG producer, HEAD1, won producer of the year. FAT RAT won 2 awards and Black Medallion won 1 award. For information visit

New US Single Mark Morrison ft. DMX "INNOCENT MAN" Out Today!

New US Single Mark Morrison ft. DMX "INNOCENT MAN" Out Today! 12.9.08 - New Mark Morrison Single Released Today
Tuesday, December 9
New Mark Morrison & DMX Single -- "Innocent Man" --Slated To Impact Radio on December 9
* * * * *

(December 9, 2008 - NASHVILLE, TN) Global Music Group today released the new US single from international R&B star Mark Morrison.

Mark Morrison was the most successful British R&B singer in the mid 90's, selling over 2 million records in the US alone. However a slew of run-ins with the law, and false accusations held him from a superstar moniker. His breakthrough single ‘Return Of The Mack' was a #1 hit across Europe in 1996, and achieved platinum status the following year in the US, reaching #2 and spending an impressive 25 weeks on the Billboard charts.

After a 10 year break in which Morrison has matured and reflected, he's back, and with a statement to be made!

One of 2008's hotly anticipated new singles, "Innocent Man" is Morrison's first US release in 10 years, which sees him join forces with hip-hop heavyweight DMX, whose also been plagued with negative press recently. DMX is one of the most recognized faces in today’s music industry, having sold more than 20 million albums worldwide, and starred in blockbuster movies such as Romeo Must Die, and Cradle 2 the Grave.

Released today at all digital retailers, including iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, Napster, Emusic and all Mobile Carriers. The "Innocent Man" single is bundled as a remix package, with 6 bonus remixes. Featuring remixes by DC Joseph, Dancehall legend Tippa Irie, and Moto Blanco, the dance music production duo who have enjoyed success on the back of productions and remixes for Rihanna, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Bob Sinclar.

"Innocent Man" featuring DMX, is the first single taken from Mark Morrison's second studio album scheduled for release early 2009.

Early Pearl gets the deal with GMG posted that Early Pearl have now signed with GMG. Here is their article;

Just got an e-mail annoucing that Dallas rock band Early Pearl has signed a multi-album deal with Global Music Group, the same company that bought out Death Row's holdings. But the most interesting thing about the deal? Early Pearl is now a label mate of the dude who sang "Return of the Mack." Pretty awesome.

Press release after the jump.

(November 29, 2008 - NASHVILLE, TN) Texas rock band Early Pearl, are the latest addition to the impressive Global Music Group roster.

The label today released a statement on their website saying; “GLOBAL MUSIC GROUP is proud to announce that we have signed the Texas rock band EARLY PEARL to a 3 year multi-album deal.”Early Pearl was formed in Dallas, Texas in 2003, and have since captured a world-wide following, having played with legends such as Ed King from Lynyrd Skynyrd and have opened for Rock Legend Alice Cooper.

“We at GMG are happy to have EARLY PEARL join our family and look forward to a long relationship. This band is going to rock your socks off” said Global Music Group CEO Roland Turner.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

About GMG. release dates & news on new GMG artists!

Here's the update I promised you guys yesterday!

About Global Music Group: GMG does rock, country, rap and R&B and is about to open up a gospel label. They're distributed exclusively by Universal and Fontana along with partnerships with INGroove. It is indeed the label that bought the Death Row masters.

Mark Morrison's album is complete and will be out in November. The second (or actually third) album on the list is from Hussein Fatal. The video of his (first) single has was shot last week before the launch party. This single will be out by December and look for the album in the first quarter of 2009.

Furthermore there are a couple of country albums coming out on GMG. Look out for Janet Martin in January. Stony Run’s album will be out in February or March.

GMG has not been only been concentrating on releasing albums lately. Lil Mo just signed her signature under a contract. You might know her from collaborations with Ja Rule, Nate Dogg and recently LL Cool J. She has also released four solo albums already. Another act that has just been signed is Cazual. This group was one of the finalists on America's Got Talent.

We would also like to address something the rumor that Suge Knight came to the launch party and shut everything down. That is not true. Lies, lies, lies! Haha.

Ok, that's everything for now. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. You can leave a comment on here or e-mail us at

Friday, October 31, 2008

Rumors! Big News Update Coming Up This Weekend!

To start off this update: Rumors on the internet say that is a country label and not the label that bought the Death Row masters. Let's get some things clear. The Global Music Group that bought the Death Row masters is a label for many genres: from country to rap and from rap to pop. GMG has a distribution deal with Universal. So yes, it is also a country label.

Secondly, this weekend there will be a big news update with lots of information - as well as exclusive pictures from the release party - right here on this page. You do not want to miss this! Stay tuned!

Photos from the party coming soon

A lot of people have asked me about the Oct 29th press conference. I can tell you that the event went great and GMG announced on their forums that they will be posting video clips and photo's soon. More info as we get it.

GMGBLOG - the #1 spot for GMG & Deathrow fans!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: GMGC Recording Artist Real Talk‏

GMGBLOG would like to introduce you to Real Talk, the hot new artist from GMG CANADA.

Real Talk was born in Hollywood (Southern California), but raised in Northern California (Sacramento to the Bay Area).In his teen's he made DJ mixed tapes for family and friends, as he got better, the music got hotter. So he went from DJ to Rapper. He also has singing ability due to having a church background which it makes his music more listenable with R&B appeal, and makes him a solo artist capable of commanding crowds of whatever depth with his collage of rap styles. Real Talk uses where he grew up in the hard city area known as 5th Street Brick in Seavy Circle also known as the projects. His families had a large main house in another hard are notoriously named "The P" (known as Oak Park). "My family has been in the ghetto for sixty years" Real Talk boasts and you can feel that in my Music. He also has roots in the Meadowview area where he found the MaddPadd, And what he calls the Cat in the Hat, known to all as Madd Hatter, the next producer revolution. MaddHatter is MaddPadd's producer and CEO. Real Talk and the mogul are friends, together they offer chemistry, and chemistry between artist and producers sells lots of records. Real Talk has always been a business man, and he put his business with MaddPadd Productions, LAKIDD Entertainment and the Street Structure Team, and they made him one of what the best has to offer unsigned "Pretty good for a Latin boy huh?".He sells his CD's out of the trunk and makes his living, by giving the crowd what they want by coming original and not bowing to any stereo types. He rarely listens to the radio or other artist's, but some of his favorites include: Busta Rhymes,E-40, Nelly, Ludacris, Mac Dre (one of his personal friends till he passed), Trick Daddy, Petey Pablo, and LiL John. I'm trying to give you a lyrical butt whoopin so just close your eyes And feel what I'm saying thru my envision techniques. I make music for everyone and I write music like I'm writing a videomonolog of sound for the North, South, East , West and the world. REAL TALK GMGC Record will be Realeaseing Real Talk Radio, Single ''Rollin on Dubbs'' If you like to buy some of Real Talk Song go to

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Death Row Records Calling Mobile Home?

I stumbled across a new article about GMG. Check it out!

While rap music mogul Suge Knight was watching his lucrative record company, Death Row Records, financial slip away, local performers continued to file into Jada Entertainment... a small, state of the art recording studio on Mobile's Dauphin Street. Over the past few years, this studio on Dauphin Street has been the home to mostly regional artists with marginal success. But if the owners of a new music label have their way, they say this could be the home of the number one independent music label in the world. And they plan to do it with what once was... Death Row records!

"We've got media flying in from New York, LA... it's gonna be a big ta-do," says Roland Turner.

He and Mike Wilson were both born in Mobile and have been part of it's music scene for the past 20 years. And now they find themselves and their company the owners of the old Death Row Record catalog. Next week, they plan to reunite many of those artist right here in Mobile, as the latest recording artists of Global Music Group.

"A lot of the old rappers that was on the label, Corrupt, Daz Dillinger, Crooked I, they're flying in..."

Global Music sees opportunity in the former Death Row Artists, creating new music to go with the old Death Row catalog, which alone is worth millions of dollars. But in MObile, Alabama? Not LA? New York? London? Roland uses R & B artist Mark Morrison as an example.

"Mark can record his album in the UK, zip it, send it right here, we can mix and master here, any featured artist when can pit it on right here, we can send it to Los Angeles, anything can be done and we can still be based outta here. 10 years ago it would have been impossible."

And as for the former label's famous violent past? Wilson acknowledges it's part of the image... but not the business, says Mike Wilson.

"We have no interest in those kinds of people.We don't want them part of our business."
A business that, if all goes to their plans, will make Mobile home to a worldwide music giant. On Dauphin Street, Here's Darwin, NBC 15 News.


Global Music Group To Host Label Launch Party On October 29

Official press release:
(October 22, 2008 - NASHVILLE, TN) Global Music Group are holding an official label launch party next week. The red carpet event will include a press conference and exclusive performances by the labels slew of new artists.

In the past few months Global Music Group has achieved the near impossible, and with the growth and strength of the company, they are set to release new projects from their impressive new artist roster, starting with the release of Mark Morrison's new single 'Innocent Man' featuring DMX and album of the same title, followed by the release of the original outlaw, Hussein Fatal.

The Global Music Group label launch party takes place on Wednesday, October 29th, at The Whiskey, located at 4130 Government Blvd, Mobile, AL. With performances from all of their artists and an exclusive press conference.

Fans, general public and media/press are invited, if you would like to attend, or for more information, call the Global office at 615-752-2318, or visit them online at

Monday, October 13, 2008

Cliff Cdawg Wise Exclusive Update

We are back today, with an EXCLUSIVE picture of Cliff Cdawg Wise of GMGC (GMG Canada).
Here is a photo of Cliff with his KISS Platinum Award.
Stay tuned for some GMGC news coming soon!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Interview with GMG rapper K.A.L.I.

California based hiphop news website today posted a new interview with GMG's new rap artist KALI. Its a good interview, peep it here and props to WCA:

1) For those who don't know, can you tell us where your from and where you were raised? I was born in the home of the Indy500-Indainapolis, In. but, i was raised in San Diego, Ca.

2) What inspired you to start doing music? I got this hunger for music when i was like 11. I grew up listening to Ice Cube - Today was a Good Day,Dj Quik - Tonite,Snoop Dogg- Ain't nothing but a G Thang, so you get the point. I just decided to run with it and started writing lyrics and Freestylin at lunch during school

3) You have an organization called 'Sky's The Limit', can you tell us about that? Fa sho, it's an Inner City Youth Music & Learning Enrichment program i set up to help our youth stay out the streets. I was fortunate enough to have a few people in my life that cared enough to give me different avenues to get out the streets. So i wanted to give that back. Our youth ain't getting what we deserve; and it's up to us to give it to them. So my program is designed to allow them to pick an instrument of choice and learn how to play it 1st, 2nd educate them on becoming better Public speakers and Boardroom etiquite. Our main focus is on raising there Grades one letter grade per semester. So we have a BIG responsiblity to impart Knowledge on our youth if we want them to Suceed in life.

4) You recently signed to a new label called Global Music Group, can you tell us about them? Yea, it is funny how it happened but, since signing with GMG, they have shown me nothing but Love. They put their Artist in Great situations to make Money from our Music rather than Rape us of our rights. So I Love it.

5) You have a new single about to drop, whats it called, will it be a digital only single, and whens it dropping? Yea, right now we are inbetween 3 tracks for the single, Chauffer featuring my Left Hand man, Lowkey Smith. Credit Card, which was produced by my guy Gino from New Orleans & The K.A.L.I. Anthem. When it's dropped it will be pushed to Radio Worldwide, and we are in the process of shooting the Video in Late Oct. We plan on dropping it Late Nov or early December, So be on the lookout for it. I need ya'lls help in making it a HIT....

6) What about your new album, are you re-releasing 'Introducing Kali' or is 'Pay Attention' coming soon? Actually i did Re-Release Introducing K.A.L.I. but the New album is called Pay Attention. I waiting on my Release date from Universal right now but it should be ready late 4th quarter or early 1st quarter. Watch Out cause I'm coming to take over.

7) What can we expect from the album, ie. The sound and any guest features? Everybody should expect nothing but Hit Records. I kept it all in house for the most part but, you never know. I do have a couple of Suprises on there as far as features go. I can't give away all the Juice...LOL The beats bang and shout out to everybody that helped make this Album; WilderBeatz Productions, Mayja Productions, Drewski, Gino, Katastrophic Productions & all my engineers. Good Lookin Homies..

8) Going back to Global, rumors are 'Return Of The Mack' Mark Morrison is coming back, and is also signed to Global, is that true? Hell yea, he is getting ready to drop his Single as well. So everybody should get geared up for that. It's about to get crazy again in the Industry & I'm happy I'm apart of it.

9) Your Myspace page lists 3 upcoming shows in AL, can you tell the fans about these, incase they want to turn out to support? Fa sho, really on Oct. 28-29th I will be shooting the Video for the Single in Alabama. Late on the 29th I will be at the Whisky Lounge or Bar in Mobile, Al. So if you are in the area and want to see a Hell-of-a Show. Get @ me.

10) You also have a new mixtape called 'LA 2 LA', whats the story behind that? My dude outta Many, La -BEZY and I have been working together for a couple of years now. I think we both met up in 2005 when were missing w/ Lil Flip and the Clover G'z. The C.D. is crazy though, it's a cross of West Coast and Dirty South. From L.A. 2 La. Get ready for some of that oohhhwwwweee. Yea Dat

11) What advise do you have for young up and coming artists trying to make it in this industry? Never stop Hustlin. Just when your ready to throw the towel in, your door opens up and BAM, your in. Keep ya head up and face forward. It is whatever you make it. But it fa sho ain't for the weak hearted. I got a lot of sleepless nights, bills not paid, arguing Baby Mama drama & the biggest yet is SACRAFICE. Yea peoples, Hella Sacrafice.

12) Many thanks for doing this interview. Do you have any last words? Make sure ya'll hit me up on myspace and check out the music. If you like it or don't, let me know. Also i will be running a couple of Contests Asap for my Fans. I want everybody to be apart of that. Your continued support is needed and appreciated. Thank ya'll in advance for helping make K.A.L.I. a household name.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Tika Sumpter Music

According to GMG's CEO, Tika Sumpter is close to being a Global artist. We at the GMG Fans Blogspot have found her hidden music Myspace! So if you havent heard her music, be sure to peep

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Global Music Group Label Launch Party On October 29th 2008, the most talked about record company of the year, Global Music Group are holding an exclusive red carpet event, with priority going to press and media. The record label launch event will include a press conference and exclusive performances by the labels slew of new artists.

Global Music Group became headline news earlier this year, when they purchased the rights to Death Row Records, after a judge ordered founder Suge Knight to auction off all of the labels assets. Global Music Group beat Warner Music Group and EverGreen Copyrights, as the highest qualified bidder at $24 million.

The label launch party will kick off October 28th, with a public invited dinner in Mobile, Alabama. With the press conference and live performances by the labels 14 new R&B, Rock & Country acts following a day later, on October 29th.

“This is a once in a lifetime event. We are inviting the fans and all media, in our stride to make history” said vice-president, Roland Turner.

Attending press at the event includes: NBC, BET, MTV, Clear Channel, WRSU, FOX, HBO, VH1, Billboard, Rolling Stone, Vibe, YRB Magazine, 4K News, KING Magazine, EUR, The Jay Why Show, WSVN, UPN, IGN, MSN Entertainment, Playboy TV, City Beat Magazine and more, including a wide variety of video shows, magazines, webzines and photographers.

The Independent Tennessee-based label, with divisions in New York, California, and now Canada (headed by Cliff Wise, manager of girl group Allure, signed to Mariah Carey's Crave Records), boasts an impressive artist roster for 2009. With a line-up that includes British R&B sensation Mark Morrison, who topped the charts across the globe with “Return Of The Mack”, and Tika Sumpter, the popular actress from daytime television hit, One Life to Live, who was once signed to Universal Records as the femme fatale duo Twise.

Yesterday (Oct. 3rd), Global Music artist Janet Martin opened for Darius Rucker at BayFest 2008 in Mobile, US. Alongside Kid Rock, Bow Wow and Three Days Grace.

The Global Music Group label launch party is co-ordinated by Big League Entertainment inc, whose past events include “Christmas Jam 98’” with Big Pun, Busta Rhymes and Method Man, “Spring Break 2000” with headlining artist Eminem, and Big League took the concert game to another level in 2003 by promoting “The Block Party” featuring Multi-Platinum, Grammy Award winner 50 Cent. The concert made history being 50 Cent’s first ever arena show.

Global Music Group/Big League Entertainment, will also be at “Holiday Jam 2008”, on December 27th 2008, at the Nassau Memorial Coliseum, Long Island, New York. Stay tuned for artist confirmation.

For further information visit:

Death Row Assets in Limbo, New Lawsuit Emerges

Venture capitalist Ron Goldberg officially filed suit on Tuesday (September 30) against several former business partners, alleging they conspired with new Death Row owners Global Music Group to cut him out of the winning June $24 million dollar bid.

In the lawsuit, Goldberg claims that several investors he recruited, including the financing institution MicroBanc, LLC, conspired with other “unknown parties” to close the deal without his knowledge.

Death Row’s valuable back catalogue went to auction this past summer due to founder Suge Knight filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2006.

Knight’s bankruptcy was primarily the result of losing a $100 million dollar lawsuit to Lydia Harris, who successfully argued she and her husband financed the company’s 1991 launch.

In August, Mediatechnics Corporation, the parent company of three subsidiary Corporations, each with their own professional management team with extensive backgrounds in finance, manufacturing, marketing and distribution, merged with Global Music Group, to provide them with the funds needed to complete the acquisition.

Still, with a new roster that includes former Atlantic Records singer Mark Morrison, the hotly contested acquisition is considered a major win for Global Music Group and Anthony Marotta, the company's President.

Global Music Group retain the rights to Death Row Records entire back catalogue of albums, videos, and unreleased tracks from Dr. Dre, Tupac Shakur, Tha Dogg Pound, The Lady of Rage, and others.

To date, the fallen label giant has sold close to 50 million records worldwide and generated over $750 million in revenue.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Exclusive News: Janet Martin, Darius Rucker, Nelly, Bow Wow, Kid Rock Shows

Janet Martin's next show is on Oct 3rd, she is opening for Darius Rucker at BayFest 2008 in Mobile, US. Darius Rucker from South Carolina, is the lead singer and guitarist of rock band Hootie & the Blowfish, whos debut album, Cracked Rear View, was one of the best selling albums of the 90s, going platinum sixteen times. Other artists performing at BayFest 2008 will be Nelly, Kid Rock, Bow Wow and Three Days Grace.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Mark Morrison Interview UK Radio Station

We stumbled across a recent Radio interview with Mark Morrison, where he talks about his new single and album Innocent Man. We think this interview was conducted in February 2008. The single sounds really tight and will be released by GMG later this year.

Exclusive News: More News On GMG-Canada

We've now found out that Global Music Group Canada is being run by Cliff' Wise aka C-Dawg of Lakidd Entertainment, a management company in Los Angeles, and Canada. Cliff is from Apple Valley, California.

Cliff Wise work's with girl group Allure (signed to Mariah Carey's Crave Records), aswell as Coolio, Sir Mix a Lot, Vanilla Ice, Bizaare of D12, Bone Thugs N Harmony and many more.

GMG-Canada is run by Cliff Wise, Maddpadd Productions & Lakidd Management

Artists currently signed to GMG-Canada are; Cliff Lee, C.B. Shaw, Lady Live and west coast rappers Suga Free, Real Talk, Young Dre. D.

(Picture above, Shock G (Digital Underground), Unknown, Vanilla Ice and Cliff Wise.)

West Coast Vet Signs To GMG-Canada

According to Tanner, employee of GMG TN, the GMG-Canada division have signed west coast rap veteran Suga Free, exclusively for Canada.

Suga Free has appeared on albums from DJ Quik, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit and Lil Jon. Known for making hits with long-time recording partner DJ Quik, the Pomona-based rapper Suga Free released his debut album, the acclaimed Street Gospel, in 1997. Suga Free's second album, New Testament, arrived in 2004.

It's not sure yet as to what Suga Free will be releasing in Canada, but we expect a re-release of his new album Smell My Finger.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Exclusive News: Global Music Group Opens Canada Division

Global Music Group have now expanded, after opening a Canada division. La Kidd Entertainment and MaddPadd Productions are now the sister company to Global Music Group, based in New York, and Nashville TN.

Under the leadership of Global Music Group, La Kidd Entertainment and MaddPadd Productions, will serve as a record label/full service management/production company.

More news on GMG-Canada as it comes in.

Mark Morrison Joins Global Music Group, Signs A $1 Million Deal

WHITE PLAINS, NY--(Marketwire - September 3, 2008) - Mark Morrison has signed a $1 million, 3-album deal with Global Music Group, the Tennessee-based label who recently purchased the rights to Death Row Records.

The British R&B singer, formerly signed to Warners/Atlantic Records saw major success in 1996, and 1997 with his multi-platinum single “Return Of The Mack”, which spent 25 weeks on the Billboard Charts.

Last week, Mediatechnics Corporation signed a letter of intent to merge with Global Music Group, the company that won the bid to acquire the assets of Death Row Records in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in June of this year for $24 million. Mediatechnics will provide Global Music Group with the funds needed to complete the acquisition. Mediatechnics Corporation, is the parent company of three subsidiary Corporations, each with their own professional management team with extensive backgrounds in finance, manufacturing, marketing and distribution.

Hussein Fatal Signs With Global Music Group

Hussein Fatal has signed with the Global Music Group (GMG), after the company recently aquired the bankrupt Death Row Records. The New Jersey rapper and Outlawz (Outlaw Immortalz) member will now release his third album 'Born Legendary' for his new home, with an October release date expected.

The first single is tipped as 'Wut You Talkin Bout' and sees Fatal joined by Jim Jones.

Mediatechnics Corp. Inks Deal To Purchase Global Music Group-new York, Winner Of Death Row Records Label Valued Valued At $32million

LOS ANGELES—MediaTechnics Corp. (PINKSHEETS:MEDT) has signed a letter of intent to purchase Global Music Group-New York (GMG-NY), the company that won the bid to acquire the assets of Death Row Records in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in June of this year for $24Mil. MediaTechnics intends to provide Global Music with the funds needed to complete the acquisition.

This landmark deal would give MediaTechnics ownership of Global Music Group, which will hold upon completion of the purchase–free and clear of all liens, claims and encumbrances–all of the assets that comprise Death Row Records, including Death Row’s catalog of master recordings and published music, as well as all trademarks and other intellectual properties, licenses, artist and writer agreements, works in progress and options. An independent valuation of the bankruptcy estate completed last month placed the value of the assets at $32Mil.

The assets include a significant amount of previously released material by the late Tupac “2Pac” Shakur and other top artists, as well as almost all of the previously released music of Dr. Dre and 2Pac. The 2Pac music has spawned great interest with the media since the possibility of its imminent release became news.

MediaTechnics President Richard Wilson said, “The acquisition of Global Music and Death Row Records will represent a landmark turning point for our company. Together with our subsidiaries, the Live Network and CRD Technologies, the prospects of co-branding, licensing and new product development are astounding.” Susan Berg, President of Global Music Group-NY said, “We are delighted by the prospects that this imminent transaction could bring to our two companies and believe the outcome, both financially and creatively, can be an incredible force."


Global Music Group Acquires Death Row Assets

June 26, 2008 , 12:45 PM ET - Global Music Group, a Tennessee-based independent label, has acquired Death Row Records and could release a new Tupac Shakur album this year.Susan Berg, the label's owner, purchased the historic hip-hop label for $25 million yesterday (June 25), beating out companies like Warner Music Group and EverGreen Copyrights."Everybody's excited," a spokesperson for Global Music Group tells "Suge" Knight founded Death Row Records in 1991 and soon reached a blistering peak with releases by Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur. However after years of financial mismanagement, Death Row was put into receivership when Knight filed bankruptcy in the wake of a $107 million judgment he was ordered to pay to label co-founder Lydia Harris. As a result, Death Row was available for auction starting Tuesday.

In February, reported that the majority of the company's assets appeared to be those of Shakur -- both master recordings and compositions -- including previously unreleased recordings. However, sorting through the assets to determine what rights Death Row holds in masters and publishing may be a challenge, as approval rights for future uses of Shakur's works still must go through EverGreen and Shakur's heir."If they're smart they'd be calling me soon," says David Schulhof, EverGreen's co-CEO. "We approve all uses. They can't do anything with the catalog without us."Schulhof says EverGreen did not purchase Death Row because it's a hornet's nest of unpaid bills, including claims by countless songwriters who never received royalties."Honestly, it became too expensive," says Schulhof. "Whether Death Row still has to pay those songwriters or not as a function of law or whether the court wiped that out is not clear. Global Music Group may wake up and have a nasty surprise."However, Schulhof says Global now owns at least several albums worth of Shakur music and it's not implausible for the independent to release a posthumous album this year.



RETURN OF THE DEATH ROW MACKCall me stupid. That’s fine. Right now, I don’t know where Death Row is with all their assets. It was sold, the decision was reversed – WHATEVER! There is a new rumor that I got. I am being told that British R&B singer Mark “Return of the Mack” Morrison has signed a $1 million, 3-album deal with Global Musis Group, the same people that bought Da Row. I think they still own the house that Dre built. Anyway, Mark recorded "Return Of The Mack” in 1996. This means the Mack is back!

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