Saturday, September 20, 2008

Exclusive News: Janet Martin, Darius Rucker, Nelly, Bow Wow, Kid Rock Shows

Janet Martin's next show is on Oct 3rd, she is opening for Darius Rucker at BayFest 2008 in Mobile, US. Darius Rucker from South Carolina, is the lead singer and guitarist of rock band Hootie & the Blowfish, whos debut album, Cracked Rear View, was one of the best selling albums of the 90s, going platinum sixteen times. Other artists performing at BayFest 2008 will be Nelly, Kid Rock, Bow Wow and Three Days Grace.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Mark Morrison Interview UK Radio Station

We stumbled across a recent Radio interview with Mark Morrison, where he talks about his new single and album Innocent Man. We think this interview was conducted in February 2008. The single sounds really tight and will be released by GMG later this year.

Exclusive News: More News On GMG-Canada

We've now found out that Global Music Group Canada is being run by Cliff' Wise aka C-Dawg of Lakidd Entertainment, a management company in Los Angeles, and Canada. Cliff is from Apple Valley, California.

Cliff Wise work's with girl group Allure (signed to Mariah Carey's Crave Records), aswell as Coolio, Sir Mix a Lot, Vanilla Ice, Bizaare of D12, Bone Thugs N Harmony and many more.

GMG-Canada is run by Cliff Wise, Maddpadd Productions & Lakidd Management

Artists currently signed to GMG-Canada are; Cliff Lee, C.B. Shaw, Lady Live and west coast rappers Suga Free, Real Talk, Young Dre. D.

(Picture above, Shock G (Digital Underground), Unknown, Vanilla Ice and Cliff Wise.)

West Coast Vet Signs To GMG-Canada

According to Tanner, employee of GMG TN, the GMG-Canada division have signed west coast rap veteran Suga Free, exclusively for Canada.

Suga Free has appeared on albums from DJ Quik, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit and Lil Jon. Known for making hits with long-time recording partner DJ Quik, the Pomona-based rapper Suga Free released his debut album, the acclaimed Street Gospel, in 1997. Suga Free's second album, New Testament, arrived in 2004.

It's not sure yet as to what Suga Free will be releasing in Canada, but we expect a re-release of his new album Smell My Finger.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Exclusive News: Global Music Group Opens Canada Division

Global Music Group have now expanded, after opening a Canada division. La Kidd Entertainment and MaddPadd Productions are now the sister company to Global Music Group, based in New York, and Nashville TN.

Under the leadership of Global Music Group, La Kidd Entertainment and MaddPadd Productions, will serve as a record label/full service management/production company.

More news on GMG-Canada as it comes in.

Mark Morrison Joins Global Music Group, Signs A $1 Million Deal

WHITE PLAINS, NY--(Marketwire - September 3, 2008) - Mark Morrison has signed a $1 million, 3-album deal with Global Music Group, the Tennessee-based label who recently purchased the rights to Death Row Records.

The British R&B singer, formerly signed to Warners/Atlantic Records saw major success in 1996, and 1997 with his multi-platinum single “Return Of The Mack”, which spent 25 weeks on the Billboard Charts.

Last week, Mediatechnics Corporation signed a letter of intent to merge with Global Music Group, the company that won the bid to acquire the assets of Death Row Records in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in June of this year for $24 million. Mediatechnics will provide Global Music Group with the funds needed to complete the acquisition. Mediatechnics Corporation, is the parent company of three subsidiary Corporations, each with their own professional management team with extensive backgrounds in finance, manufacturing, marketing and distribution.

Hussein Fatal Signs With Global Music Group

Hussein Fatal has signed with the Global Music Group (GMG), after the company recently aquired the bankrupt Death Row Records. The New Jersey rapper and Outlawz (Outlaw Immortalz) member will now release his third album 'Born Legendary' for his new home, with an October release date expected.

The first single is tipped as 'Wut You Talkin Bout' and sees Fatal joined by Jim Jones.

Mediatechnics Corp. Inks Deal To Purchase Global Music Group-new York, Winner Of Death Row Records Label Valued Valued At $32million

LOS ANGELES—MediaTechnics Corp. (PINKSHEETS:MEDT) has signed a letter of intent to purchase Global Music Group-New York (GMG-NY), the company that won the bid to acquire the assets of Death Row Records in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in June of this year for $24Mil. MediaTechnics intends to provide Global Music with the funds needed to complete the acquisition.

This landmark deal would give MediaTechnics ownership of Global Music Group, which will hold upon completion of the purchase–free and clear of all liens, claims and encumbrances–all of the assets that comprise Death Row Records, including Death Row’s catalog of master recordings and published music, as well as all trademarks and other intellectual properties, licenses, artist and writer agreements, works in progress and options. An independent valuation of the bankruptcy estate completed last month placed the value of the assets at $32Mil.

The assets include a significant amount of previously released material by the late Tupac “2Pac” Shakur and other top artists, as well as almost all of the previously released music of Dr. Dre and 2Pac. The 2Pac music has spawned great interest with the media since the possibility of its imminent release became news.

MediaTechnics President Richard Wilson said, “The acquisition of Global Music and Death Row Records will represent a landmark turning point for our company. Together with our subsidiaries, the Live Network and CRD Technologies, the prospects of co-branding, licensing and new product development are astounding.” Susan Berg, President of Global Music Group-NY said, “We are delighted by the prospects that this imminent transaction could bring to our two companies and believe the outcome, both financially and creatively, can be an incredible force."


Global Music Group Acquires Death Row Assets

June 26, 2008 , 12:45 PM ET - Global Music Group, a Tennessee-based independent label, has acquired Death Row Records and could release a new Tupac Shakur album this year.Susan Berg, the label's owner, purchased the historic hip-hop label for $25 million yesterday (June 25), beating out companies like Warner Music Group and EverGreen Copyrights."Everybody's excited," a spokesperson for Global Music Group tells "Suge" Knight founded Death Row Records in 1991 and soon reached a blistering peak with releases by Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur. However after years of financial mismanagement, Death Row was put into receivership when Knight filed bankruptcy in the wake of a $107 million judgment he was ordered to pay to label co-founder Lydia Harris. As a result, Death Row was available for auction starting Tuesday.

In February, reported that the majority of the company's assets appeared to be those of Shakur -- both master recordings and compositions -- including previously unreleased recordings. However, sorting through the assets to determine what rights Death Row holds in masters and publishing may be a challenge, as approval rights for future uses of Shakur's works still must go through EverGreen and Shakur's heir."If they're smart they'd be calling me soon," says David Schulhof, EverGreen's co-CEO. "We approve all uses. They can't do anything with the catalog without us."Schulhof says EverGreen did not purchase Death Row because it's a hornet's nest of unpaid bills, including claims by countless songwriters who never received royalties."Honestly, it became too expensive," says Schulhof. "Whether Death Row still has to pay those songwriters or not as a function of law or whether the court wiped that out is not clear. Global Music Group may wake up and have a nasty surprise."However, Schulhof says Global now owns at least several albums worth of Shakur music and it's not implausible for the independent to release a posthumous album this year.



RETURN OF THE DEATH ROW MACKCall me stupid. That’s fine. Right now, I don’t know where Death Row is with all their assets. It was sold, the decision was reversed – WHATEVER! There is a new rumor that I got. I am being told that British R&B singer Mark “Return of the Mack” Morrison has signed a $1 million, 3-album deal with Global Musis Group, the same people that bought Da Row. I think they still own the house that Dre built. Anyway, Mark recorded "Return Of The Mack” in 1996. This means the Mack is back!

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